Sunday Setlist - August 14

There was no setlist recap last week, because it was the weekend of our family retreat.  And while there was certainly worship - three services worth! - truth be told, I was way too exhausted to post anything.  But, this week I'm back on my game.

With Daniel out of the country on a mission trip to India and Dubai, we were short keys, which made for a very guitar-driven set.  Here ya go:

Opening Song:

Christ is Risen (Maher)(E)

Main Set:

Happy Day (Hughes/Cantelon)(A)
Blessed Be Your Name (Redman)(A)
Mighty to Save (Morgan/Fields)(A)
Came to My Rescue (Davies/Sampson/Thomas)(A)


Our God (Myrin/Redman/Reeves/Tomlin)(G)

With Laura leading, we had to change keys for most of the songs, which we usually do in C.  So it was all A, all day.  Mighty to Save was the only one we did in our normal key.  I thought Christ is Risen sounded really nice, and it was a great choice for opening song.   Came to My Rescue seemed to really resonate with people today - I saw a lot of genuine worship during that song.  

Junior lead on Our God, which is the first time he's done that.  It was pretty good, although I personally like the higher key we usually do it in.  But worship set the tone for a really good service today, complete with Communion and a really timely message by Josh Miller on unity within the larger Christian community.

How was your service?  Check in at The Worship Community after you comment here.


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