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Setlist Sunday - Aug 31

How to Worship Properly.

Song of the Week - Third Day - This is Who I Am

So, where are we on this whole Guglielmucci thing?

Michael Guglielmucci Speaks Out

Revival in da House, Part Deux

Revival in da house!

Sunday Setlist - August 24

DVD Review - David Crowder Band - Remedy Club Tour Live Edition

Song of the Week - Healer

Michael Guglielmucci, Achan warned you.

This just in.... and I can't believe it.

Now Playing: Your Pastor

Album Review - Hillsong Live : This is Our God

Another Monday

Sunday Setlist - August 17

A New Thing

Song of the Week - "...neverending..."

Which God?

Another Year

A Hidden Place

I was there! David Crowder DVD

Sunday Setlist- August 10

If you like guitar, this is truly amazing.

Boss Tuners, Broken Strings, and the Key of D

What's in a Word?

A Flawed Hero

This is Big!

Worship Confessional - August 3

Composing is So Hard to Do

Album Review - Third Day: Revelation