Setlist Sunday - Aug 31

What a great service!

I don't know what it was, but we had ourselves one mighty fine time at worship this morning. To be honest, the setlist didn't thrill me when I got it, but wow, did it flow and get people moving.

So here we go...

Open the Eyes of my Heart (Baloche) -welcome song.
Eres Todopoderoso (Salinas)
I'm Yours (Buchanan/Johnson)
Your Grace is Enough (Maher)
Draw Me Close to You (Carpenter)
Healer (Guglielmucci)

We don't usually start out this high energy, but somehow it worked out that way today. Elyano, our main drummer, hasn't been playing a lot this summer, and I think he had a lot of pent up energy! He was hitting rolls and fills I haven't heard him hit in a long time. For those who don't know Eres Todopoderoso, it a great high-energy Spanish praise song, popularized by Danilo Montero.

We haven't done I'm Yours in months. Certainly not since I got my Bad Monkey! That's one of those songs people either get or they don't. Everyone seemed to get it today. Nothing wrong with a little head-banging, as long as everyone is getting into it, right? Our version of Your Grace is Enough is also pretty high-energy, so by the time we got through those three songs, everyone was jumping and clapping and really getting into worship.

Sometimes that's the best time to take it down a notch and channel that energy into some real worship time, and that's just what we did. Draw Me Close to You is such a great song. We continued the theme of reliance on God with Healer. We'd done this for the first time at our revivals last week, but this was the first time for a Sunday service. Seemed to fit in perfectly. The two choruses - "You're all I want... you're all I ever needed..." into "I believe that you're my Healer... I believe that you are all I need..." I love it when a plan comes together.

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  1. I'm going to have to check out Eres Todopoderoso. Is it in Spanish? I wish we were more bi-lingual.
    Had to laugh about the head banger comment. I was doing my share this morning, no one else was...oh well...

  2. Yeah, we had great energy as well. Even for Labor Day weekend. Gotta love it.

  3. Yes, Eres... is in Spanish. It's very popular and pretty easy. We have a lot of Spanish folks in our church, so we do quite a few Spanish songs.

  4. Sounds like an energetic list... I was told that Labor day is usually quiet... I guess this time things were different... God is good!


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