A New Thing

So, just when I thought things were getting boring.

Actually, I'm way to busy to ever think that. But, my 9-12 cell group is working on an evangelism project. Specifically, they're making a movie that is supposed to appeal to their own age group. So we've been talking about the basics, plot, structure, etc... We've gotten to the point where we are starting to devise a basic plot to storyboard.

The kids decided they wanted some kind of concert to be the "big"scene in the movie. I asked what would be better than having them actually play and sing a song? They chose "Blessed Be Your Name," which is kind of their theme song, anyway. And they all can sing it, so I only need to work on getting a couple of kids who have had a smattering of music lessons to be able to play four chords. I'll handle the drumming duties myself, I think.

In two weeks, no less, because we want to film the "concert" scene at the church picnic Sept 1. Not too much pressure, no?

I love this job!


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