Worship Confessional - August 3

This week the worship confessional will be joining Fred Mc Kinnon's Worship Setlist Carnival, which is a means for worship leaders around the blogsphere to share what their worship teams are doing, what music they are playing and how it is working out for them.

The setlist for this week was:

Opening: The Stand (Hillsong)

Firm Foundation
Rock of Ages
You Are Good
The Stand
Agnes Dei
Your Love is Extravagent

Celebrate Jesus, Celebrate
What a Mighty God We Serve

Altar Call: This is My Desire

"The Stand" (Hillsong) was a new song for us this week. As we did with "Finding Who We Are" we played it as the opening/welcome song, and then again in the set. The congregation seemed to like it; they especially got into the chorus once it started to repeat. It's also a fairly enjoyable song to play, with a lot of dynamics.

We always seem to have a hard time with "Your Love is Extravagent" and I don't know why. Maybe it's the rhythm and meter of the verses. I love playing Agnes Dei. We do it Third Day-ish without the heavy guitars. Just an acoustic driving the rhythm and piano doing the fills. I could play that song for hours.

We got invited to play at (what we thought ) was an evening church service Sunday night. Turned out to be a much bigger deal than that... I'll post about that tomorrow.


  1. Mike,
    Thanks a ton for posting, and participating in Sunday Setlists!

  2. Ooooh...I'd love to do Agnus Dei again some day. It's been a long time. Nice set!


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