Boss Tuners, Broken Strings, and the Key of D

Have you musicians ever been playing at worship and broken a string? More than one? I hate that! A couple of weeks ago, I was at a weekend campout, and broke a string. On the second song! I had only brought one guitar. What do you do but fall back and punt! A couple of months ago I broke a B string during service. Fortunately at church, I always have 2, one acoustic and one electric. No sweat, grab the acoustic and.... twang! goes the G string! Oy Vey!

You think this happens to the big guys? Apparently it happens to Paul Baloche. (But not to Michael W. Smith according to Paul.) Check it out, and then comment with your stories.


  1. That's a great vid - thanks! I hope I'm jinxing myself...but I've never broken a string in a service - but our WL has several times on his tele. He ended up replacing the saddle on the b-string and hasn't broken one since.

  2. BTW - I'm glad we've connected in the blogosphere since the CMF seems to be gone :(

  3. Yeah. I've been spending the time at The Worship Community forums. But as of Friday night, CMR is back!


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