Sunday Setlist - August 24

This week we've had revival meetings, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. So I've done quite a bit of playing, between four services, specials, choir and rehearsals. My fingers are tired, and so am I.

But it was all worth it, as it was an amazing time. I plan on writing more about it, and getting some pictures up this week.

As for Sunday's worship service setlist, here it is:

Welcome to This Place (Webster)

All About You (Houghton)
Beautiful One (Hughes)
History Maker (Smith)
Here I Am to Worship (Hughes)
Mighty to Save (Morgan)

I was getting more an more frustrated with the overdrive tone from my Digitech multi, so I went to GC last Saturday and played a couple. I had settled on the Bad Monkey, but still was up in the air about it. Not about the fifty bucks, but if I needed it or not. I played Sunday, and decided I did. When I went back on Monday, it was marked down to 19 bucks. Sweet! I had the tone dialed in perfect for Mighty to Save - it was the best we've ever played it. Beautiful One sounded great as well. Color me happy.

History Maker came out really nice as well, with me driving the rythm on the acoustic, and Justin doing some cool stuff in the upper registers on keys. We haven't played that song in a while; I really like it.

We also accompanied a soloist for a special. We did Hosanna by Hillsong. (I see the King of Glory...) The vocalist did a great job singing, especially when we got to the bridge after the solo, where she really started belting.

I just wanted to note that at the evening service, we decided to do Healer. We talked about it for a while, and decided the song really said what we wanted. Plus, to be honest, it sounded really good. We did it basically with just bass and guitar and drums, a little piano for flavor, but Justin was singing lead on it, and was focusing on that. I played it with a lot of delay, chorus and OD, which gave it a really thick and full tone, capo on 4 to bring it up to a higher B. (playing G) We'd never done it before, and only practiced it twice, but it came out good, fit the revival perfectly, and the congregation was really into it.

So, a long weekend over, and I'm off to bed.

This is part of Fred McKinnon's Setlist Carnival, of course.


  1. Hey Mike,
    Another "Healer" setlist ... I think that's great! "History Maker" makes me smile - that was the main song I did in concerts in Tanzania - we had a blast with that song!

    Thanks for being a part of Sunday Setlists again!

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon


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