Song of the Week - Third Day - This is Who I Am

I've gotta tell ya, this is the song that hooked me on this album. Especially because it's the first track of Third Day's new release, Revelation.

It starts off right into the song - a double beat of guitar (F# in this case) right into the first line. "I'm a son of a good man..."

What I like about it is that the song makes no apologies. It lists out all the things that we are, good and bad. Child of an angel. Brother of a wild one. Father of blessings. Saint and a sinner. Lover and a fighter. True believer. The end of the second verse sums it up for any one of us in ministry, in one long, powerful breath: I'm a preacher of grace, prophet of love, teacher of truth. I've fallen down so many time, but here I stand in front of you..."

But the songwriter is not satisfied in staying the way he is. The chorus is a straightforward cry out to God - "Change me! Make me better! Make me more!" Dont' we all cry out to God that way? We should, after all. Only God can take us out of who we are, and place us in who He wants us to be. Like the bridge says: "Take me as I am, but please don't leave me that way."

I find this song theologically simple and sound. The Romans 8:1 says "There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ." We should not feel shame for what we are, as long as we acknowledge that it is God who can change us, who can allow us to reach our full potential.

The verses are pretty simple to play. F# B. Rinse, repeat. The chorus goes D A B F# D A E . The bridge seems to be B F# B E. The drum part on this song is very cool. The whole song has a ton of energy, a lot of power, an an inherent singability to it. Crank it up. Or, as Mac says right after this song at the beginning of track 2, "Let's rock it!"


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