Another Monday

It was a strange weekend. For one, my oldest son's best friend lost his mother in a terrible motorcycle accident late Saturday. They were neighbors of ours for nine years. It's still a shock. Pray for us as we try to minister to the kids.

We had service in our daughter church, Beacon of Light, Sunday night. We do this every month, alternating venues. It's really uplifting, seeing the work they are doing in Waterbury. I love going up there and having a worship service in that tiny sanctuary, where you have to sit next to someone because there's no room not to. Everyone grumbles about the trip every other month, but everyone is so happy and filled when they come out of there.

We are having our annual Back to School Revival at Gospel Light Community Church. Pastor Brain McDonald will be our special guest again. This is a high point of the summer for us every year - an opportunity to reach out to the neighborhood and invite people, and a time of encouragement and feeding for all of us. We're hoping the weather is good so that we can throw open the doors and set up a large video feed in the parking lot next to the church, bring the whole deal right to the streets.

Today is the David Crowder One Night Only event. If you can, get out to see the Remedy Club Tour film in a theater before it hits DVD.


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