A Hidden Place

Matt Redmond once said "God first seeks devotion to Him in the hidden place – worship when no one else is watching."

I was taught when I was younger that one definition of "character" is what one does when no one else is watching. It is one thing to worship God in a corporate manner; in church, with everyone else around. (Of course, there are many who won't even do that much!) quite another to devote time to worship on your own. But, like devotional time, or time reading the Word, private worship time is important.

I like to worship in the car. While God has blessed me with the ability to play a variety of musical instruments, my singing voice leaves something to be desired. But alone, I do not have to worry about what anyone else is thinking, and my voice lifted in worship is always sweet music to God. There have been times when I have been reduced to tears, driving along in a spirit of worship, feeling the real presence of God. I must really look silly to people drivign along beside me, but who cares?

Other times, I'll grab a guitar and just start playing, letting melodies flow without real form or intent, other than to praise God and thank Him for the gift. Sometimes the most meaningful times of worship come when we least expect it. Paul Baloche said that "Open the Eyes of My Heart" came out of a time of worship, without intent to create a song. The same Spirit caused Matt Redmond to create "Heart of Worship." Imagine what we could all create, if everyone were to just worship, as Jesus called us to, in spirit and in truth.

How do you like to worship privately? Do you at all?


  1. Good post, Mikey - but the quote is from Matt RedMAN, not RedMOND.

    For me it's those late nights where I'm working when the urge to just stop, pick up a guitar and just play.

  2. Oops... um... that was a Microsoft glitch. Must be a bug in Windows. :)


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