Album Review - Third Day: Revelation

The Song of the Week this week is going to be a whole record.

Third Day is back in the house!

For those who remember TD from the early albums, especially Time, this will be a refreshing trip down memory lane. Revelation is the Georgia-based band's most agressive project in a long time, with driving Southern-rock-inspired licks and meaningful Christian lyrics. As I write this, I have "Call My Name" playing, my foot tapping, and my head bopping. This could easily turn out to be my favorite song on the record, if it weren't for the opening tune, "This is Who I Am." Already I'm working the chord progressions out for that one.

"Run to You" is on now. The 6/8 signature makes it reminicent of "Consuming Fire" except for the powerful guest vocals of Lacey Mosley of Flyleaf, who also sings a duet with Mac Powell on "Born Again." That song is a powerful expression of getting something from God that you didn't even know you were looking for.

Mosley is not the only guest contributor on the record, either. "Slow Down" is a great stadium anthem about asking God to slow us down so we can look around a bit; the song features backing vocals by none other than American Idol shoulda-been Chris Daughtry. Easily the most rocking song on the record, "Otherside," features blazing steel-guitar work by Robert Randolph, whose band will be touring with Third Day and Switchfoot this fall. That will be a must-see show for sure.

I haven't heard anything I don't like yet, although songs like "Let Me Love You" and "Ready" are catchy, yet are somehow predictable, typical Third Day songs. Stick with the harder fare on this record.

All-in-all, this is a refreshing step back into Third Day's wheelhouse - hard driving Southern rock with Christian lyrics we can relate to. These songs should be amazing live, and one can only hope that Revelation is a revelation for this band: that this is the type of music they should be playing.


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