Song of the Week - "...neverending..."

Man, I love this song!

I completely skipped Song of the Week for the past two weeks, but I said when I started it I wasn't committing to actually doing it weekly. So I have no guilt whatsoever of depriving you of my wisdom in this matter.


Anyway, in honor of the David Crowder* Band's release of the Remedy Club Tour DVD next week, I am declaring "...neverending" the Song of the Week. This is a typical David Crowder "fun" song. It's got a fast beat, a lot of energy, and lyrics that sound at first campy and a bit silly, but as you listen to them, they gain profundity. And the song is really very easy. It even says so in the intro!

The meter of the verse is a little odd, with words having unusual stresses and pauses.

" al..ways
youwillneverend be..cause you're al... ways neverendingyou
were there be...fore there wasbeginnng..."

The profound part come in the prechorus and chorus:

"Here you are now with us
Here you are found, in us

"And this makes all the difference
This changes everything
Making our whole existence
Worth something, so we sing"
I mean, is this the perfect expression of what happens when we come to Christ? Doesn't this revelation that He is with is and He is in us change everything? I think so.

And who can argue with a bridge that goes: "LA la la la, la la LA la!" Brilliant!

The song is pretty easy to play as well. DC*B does it tuned to Eb. The verses then become as simple E-A-B progression, moving to C#m-G#m in the prechorus and back to E-B-A-B in the chorus. (Keyboardist will have to think a little on this one!) It's actually unusual for a David Crowder song, as he tends to sing in a fairly high key.
Of course, on the Remedy tour, David played the song on a Guitar Hero guitar! I kid you not! Proof is at the bottom.

So listen to this song, and have some fun!


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