What's in a Word?

I write a lot of words. I write this blog, and another blog. I write sermons and teachings. I write tons of emails, reports and various other narratives.

Here are a few words. Specifically, these are three hundred of the words written on this blog this month, put together in cloud called a Wordle.

Thanks to Fern for making me aware of this. I think this is very cool. You can make your own at http://wordle.net/ . Go ahead, you know you want to. Actually, go later.

It would be great if all our words could be rendered so artfully and beautifully, wouldn't it? But not all words are so pretty. James 3:10 says :

Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing.
My brethren, these things ought not to be so.

Take today, my friends, to be conscious of the things you say. Try this: right now, say a little prayer. Ask God to bring you a mild conviction when you say something you ought not say. Do this until this time tomorrow. Then reflect on how many times you were aware of your words. Was it a crude joke? A white lie? A word in anger? Gossip? A lewd comment?

Don't take deep conviction and shame out of this exercise - take awareness. And bring words of blessing.

Bless you!

Edit: Here's another one, made from 1 Cor 13. (NIV)


  1. I love the 1Cor one - very cool!

  2. Very cool... i might have to "adapt" this concept for a future mailer. (adapt is such a nice way to say steal isn't it? hahaha).


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