DVD Review - David Crowder Band - Remedy Club Tour Live Edition

Wow, that title is a mouthful. Be interesting to see how Blogger truncates that!

Anyway, I wrote about this last week, and true to their word, the day after the One Night Only theater event, the DVD was released. I had preordered mine, and was very happy when it showed up.

This package is chock full of eclectic David Crowder goodness. It's actually a two disc set; a CD of the music and a DVD of the concerts, plus bonus features. More on that later. There are sixteen tracks on the CD, everything from former Song of the Week ...neverending... and Remedy, to classics like O Praise Him. The concert footage was taken at two different venues; The Atlanta Tabernacle, a beautiful 1910 theater near Olympic Park, and New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom, a storied 1906 venue with triple balconys, located at Manhattan Center. I was fortunate enough to be at the New York show, as one of the promoters was Rock the Sound, which I occaisionally volunteer for.

This footage is amazing! I remember seeing all the cameras and thinking it was overkill; now I know it was well worth it. You really feel part of the show, and I can tell you firsthand, the show was excellent. The multiple angles are edited in a high-energy style, with handhelds, steady-cams and one seriously active boom camera. You can see my POV at one point in the show to the left. The "chapters" on the DVD are listed by song, so you can zip to your favorite.

As great as the concert was, this disc has five and a half hours of material, much of it the great bonus features. The "On the Road..." featurette follows DC*B around several of their venues on the Club tour, and David tells us all kind of things about life on the road.

Can't figure out what's going on during the pre-chorus of O Praise Him, of the drumline of Here is Our King? Then the "Learning the Songs" section is for you, as David, Mark, B-Whack and the rest take you through some of the songs, what they play, and their rigs and setups. And how to play a Guitar Hero guitar like real "rock and roll."

My favorite feature is for us musicians. Turn on the subtitles, and you get - chord charts!! Seriously. Brilliant!

My package came with a bunch of guitar picks and a David Crowder First Aid Kit. I have no idea why. Probably because I preordered. But I can never have too many guitar picks. (see the pic above)

Get this DVD. Watch this DVD. Play the CD. You will not have more fun than this. Trust me on this one. Then, get your tickets for Rock the Sound on November 15th in Bridgeport, Ct, and see David and a whole bunch of other bands. I'll see you there.


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