Another Year

As I move into another year of my life, (this one without a "0" at the end) I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the past year.

It has been a rather interesting 12 months.

The obvious big change in the past year has been the call to become a pastor. While Jill and I were already running the children's ministry for a while prior to that, the fact that I am now the Children's Network Pastor has been a learning and growing experience in many ways. Truthfully, I did not expect much to change, but it has. I appreciate the trust that Pastor Miller has placed in me, and also all the parents and families. Gospel Light is a stronger place, not because of me, but because of the faith in allowing the vision to expand.

Last night I shared the vision I have for the children's ministry at the pastor's meeting, where it was very favorably received. Next year will be even bigger!

This blog (and the children's blog) has been another huge change. I've found that sharing thoughts each day, and the relationships formed because of it, have been invaluable tools for ministry. I've learned to expand my horizons more, open my eyes more, and realize that we are not operating in a vacuum - there is a large community of Christ out there, working side by side with us. And even though many of us might never meet face to face, the input of people like Steve, Nick, Richard, Roy, Fern, Fred, Billy, Jordan and others has really helped me to keep "enlarging my tent." Thanks.

The kids are growing by leaps and bounds. My youngest, Cailynn, is six, turning twenty next week, or so it seems. Shannon will be (gulp) choosing a college in the next few months, and all I need to do is figure out how God's going to pay for it. Meghann has achieved so much for her age, and runs the risk of eclipsing her older sister. Watching her baptism this year was a joy, knowing she was part of a groundbreaking change at GLCC. The boys are both MEN now, and continue to grow and learn, reminding me that we never stop.

I'm more immersed in music now than ever. Moving from mainly acoustic to mainly electric has opened up musical doors for the entire team. Maybe God will bless us with another guitar player so I don't have to switch. (I'm still counting on Meghann...) Both the worship team and the choir, Send Judah First, have grown quite a bit in these twelve months, not in size but in talent and confidence.

There are plenty of things I have yet to accomplish, and plenty of years left to do them. (by faith) I really want to move forward on the vision for the children. I really want to continue in my goal to learn a new instrument each year. The next thing will be a twelve-string, I think, as soon as I can put together the resources to get one. I still want to write that book, and a couple of songs that are all floating around in the wasteland on top of my neck.

Forty-one down, God knows how many to go!


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