If you like guitar, this is truly amazing.

I was introduced to these folks a few months ago. Actually, I stumbled across them, and was completely captivated.

The name of this duo is Rodrigo y Gabriela, which works out well, because those are their names. Simple, easy to remember. They began their musical careers in a thrash band in Mexico City, but they found the scope of the music scene there limited. So they picked up and moved to musician-friendly Dublin, and began busking in Temple Bar. Soon, they were heard, and have been gaining popularity ever since.

While Rodrigo Sanchez is an amazing guitar player in his own right, the distinctive sound of the group comes from Gabriela Quintero, who one would think has no bones in her right hand. If you were to listen to some of their tracks such as "Tamacun" or "Diablo Rojo," you would think that there was someone playing percussion, perhaps a conga or cajon. But, no, it's just Gabriela.

Their latest album, Rodrigo y Gabriela contains some incredible original songs, and a simply amazing cover of Led Zepplin's "Stairway to Heaven," plus a cover of Metallica's "Orion."

Here they are doing "Starway," plus a clip of them appearing on Late Night with David Letterman last year.


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