I was there! David Crowder DVD

Time for some shameless product promotion. I assure you that I have received no cashola for this, though I am not opposed to it...

The David Crowder band will be releasing their new concert video next week, entitled "Remedy Club Tour Edition. This video was shot last year during the Remedy Club Tour at stops in New York City and Atlanta. I was blessed to be working with Rock the Sound, who promoted the New York concert last November. As a result, I was at the show, and not only watched them making the DVD, but was really blessed by breaking pizza with David and and the band after the show. There are some pics here of the event.

The DVD is being promoted with a really cool promotion - for one night, August 18, the film will be shown on the big screen at selected movie theaters around the country. This is the only chance to see this film on the big screen, so I am absolutely going. (If my wife lets me!!) While it would be a cool to catch a glimpse of yours truly or one of the other youth who volunteered, which I will no doubt brag about incessantly, I just want to see the show. DCB* puts on an incredibly entertaining show. There's a link at the bottom of the post where you can check for a local theater.

More Shameless Promotion!!!

The David Crowder Band will be featured at Rock the Sound IV this November 15, along with Leeland, Skillet, Nevertheless and the Newsboys! If you are anywhere near the Northeast, I would plan on attending.

Check for the theater near you below: HERE


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