Song of the Week - Healer

There can be no other choice this week for Song of the Week, given all the buzz that Michael Guglielmucci's confession that there was no cancer to be "healed" from. It's set the worship community all a-twitter. (a-twitter, not Twitter, although I suppose there were a lot of Tweets on Wednesday.

This song has really become popular in an amazingly short amount of time. But let's set aside all the buzz, the news, the "story behind the song" and everything else, and just consider the song.

For me, the song comes down to one idea, as spoken in the prechorus:

"I trust in you
I trust in you..."

This is the essence of what the song is about, why it has become so popular, why it has become a heartcry for all kinds of people with all kinds of afflictions. There is nothing more simple and plain than "I trust in you." I am reminded of the centurion, who came to Jesus and asked Him to heal his servant, who was in a distant home. When Jesus offered to go, the centurion had so much trust in Jesus that he asked Him to simply say the word. Jesus said he healed the man because of the centurion's faith, but faith and trust are interchangeable here.

The song came out of the Planetshakers youth ministry, but as Guglielmucci moved to Hillsong, so did the song. The Hillsong version on This is Our God benfits from a haunting piano part, repeating and weaving in and out of the melody. Structurally, it's fairly simple, easy to play.

I know there's been a lot of talk in worship teams all over if they should play this song in light of what has been discovered about it's composer. I can give you several good reasons why it should continue to be played. The song has done no wrong, and we don't know what was in Michael's hear when he wrote it, or why he chose to lie about his disease. But does it really matter? David was a notorious sinner, an adulterer, a murderer, yet no one is suggesting we pull all the Psalms from our songbooks, are they?


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