2012 Grammy Recap - There is Still an Appreciation for Music!

I just finish watching the Grammy Awards.  This show was a big improvement over some of the junk that has been pedaled lately.  This year's show was one of the best in recent times, I think, and if reaction from the Twitterverse is any indication, I am not alone in that assessment. Let's see what I remember.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  - A nice way to open the show, although the constant uber-closeups of the Boss' face kept me regretting the decision to buy a high-def TV.   Meh

Bruno Mars  - I'm not a big Bruno Mars fan, really (and I've used "Grenade" to talk to kids about how not to feel), but this rendition of "Runaway Baby" was fun.  Good Job!

Alicia Keys and Bonnie Rait - their tribute to Etta James was touching, but nothing outstanding.  Boos to the Grammys for leaving Etta out of the memorial video later.  Meh

Chris Brown - Say what you want, the man can dance.  He can apparently lip-sync,too.  I loved the setpiece, and the energy was contagious.  Twitter was abuzz with posts about how Brown seems to have been "forgiven."  Whatever.  Not too bad. 

Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson.  - She sang great.  He looked so uncomfortable in that suit, it was a distraction.  Plus, his mic cutting out at the end will probably get someone fired.  Meh

Foo Fighters - Oh, yeah!  Real rock, in the tent, in the parking lot.  "Walk" was one of the best numbers of the night.  On a scale of 1 to Foo, this was a full Foo.  Plus, Dave Grohl made Slayer cool again for four minutes.  Mas excellente.

Rhianna/Coldplay.  She sounded great as always.  Chris Martin sounded a little rough, but the band pulled it off well.  Not too shabby

Maroon 5/Foster the People/Beach Boys - Maroon 5 owned "Little Surfer Girl."  Foster the People seemed uncomfortable.  The Beach Boys couldn't have seemed more disinterested, especially Brian Wilson.  Meh.

Stevie Wonder - He wasn't a performer, but ten seconds on the harmonica was full of awesome.

Paul McCartney - Ooof.  This was depressing.  But I could watch Joe Walsh and that orchestra for ten minutes.  Where's the instrumental track?

Civil Wars - Who are these guys?  I love these guys!  Best surprise of the night!

Taylor Swift - I love the sweet, sweet irony of Taylor Swift singing at the Grammys a song about how everyone says she can't sing... and then completely owning it! And getting a thunderous, standing ovation.  Love that lyric change: "Someday, I'll be singing this at the Grammys."  You go, girl!

Katy Perry - An ok performance with a lot of fire.  Meh 

Adele - Oh yeah.  No fire.  No levitation.  No army of dancers.  No visual effects.  Just an amazing set of pipes.  Performance of the night.  Full of win!

The Band Perry/Blake Shelton/Glenn Campbell - the feel-good moment of the night.  How can you not love Glenn Campbell?  Ten Rhinestones 

Tony Bennett and Carry Underwood - Aren't we running the "duet with Tony Bennett" meme a little long?  Enough, already!

Jennifer Hudson - If you stayed dry-eyed during her tribute to Whitney Houston, you might have no soul.  Jennifer didn't try to sound like Whitney, which was a win.  She held it together, which was more win. Randy Jackson once told Jennifer she shouldn't sing Whitney Houston songs.  Sorry, Dawg, you're wrong.  Full of class. 

Chris Brown/ li'l Wayne - Chris should have kept it at the first performance.  Yuk.

Foo Fighters - More Foo, more win! 

deadmau5 - Mike Kim summed it up best on Twitter:  "I have seen the Anti-Christ. He has come in demonic Mickey Mouse form at the 2012 Grammys."   'nuff said

Nikki Minaj - Um, yeah.  What was that?

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Paul McCartney/Dave Grohl/Joe Walsh/Bruce Springsteen/Rusty Anderson/Brian Ray - Holy cow, this is the best Grammy finale I've seen in years.  Just basically these six guys shredding for six minutes.  (Well, five of them were shredding, and Bruce was showing why he has Little Steven in his band. Someone tune the Boss' guitar, please!!!)  This was win at it's winningest.   Please don't let it stop!


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