Christian Movie Point Scale

With the upcoming movie Courageous well into production, I'd thought I'd give the producers a little checklist to see how well they are doing on the Official Christian Movie Scale.

Your movie supports biblical family values.  (+2)

Your movie illustrates biblical family values with an metaphor so obvious, the most hardened heathen will get it, like gluing together salt and pepper shakers to illustrate the marriage bond. (+5)

Your main character is named "Joshua", "Caleb," "Esther" or some other Old Testament name. (+2)

Your main character's Old Testament name is a metaphor for the struggle he/she faces in the movie. (+3)

Your main character's name is Mephibosheph.  (+10)

Your main character is played by Kirk Cameron   (+15)

Your cinematography looks like a high school film-making project.  (-4)

Your cinematography looks like a college film-making project.  (-2)

You actually used film.  (+5)

You have Third Day, MercyMe or the Casting Crowns in the film.  (+6)

You have your local worship team performing Third Day, MercyMe and Casting Crown covers. (+1)

You have an edgier Christian Band like Newworldson or David Crowder* Band in the movie (+7)

You have a band so edgy, no one is sure if they are Christian or not, like Switchfoot. (push)

Some scenes in your movie are filmed in or around Albany, Georgia.  (+3)

Every scene in your movie is filmed in or around Albany, Georgia.  (+5)

You have a scene filmed in Rome or Jerusalem. (+6)

You have a scene filmed in Petra.  (+10)

You have sermon illustrations, promotional videos, and flyers available on your film's website. (+6)

For $395.00  (-10)

You have a famous evangelical pastor in your film.   (+5)

It's Rick Warren.  (+10)

It's Benny Hinn  (-20)

It's Joel Osteen (push, but God will prosper your movie anyway)


Below 20:  Forget it, you sell out.

20-50:  You might just get a decent review on "Plugged-In"

50-65: Pastors will be preaching the virtues of your movie all over the place.

65-74: Another nice job by Sherwood.


  1. Was that a bird?

    Was that a plane?

    No - it was a post with cultural references I don't recognise, zooming over my head.



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