Sunday Setlist - May 2

Another month passes, and a glorious day in coastal Connecticut.  It was supposed to be hot, rainy and humid, but it was just hot.  High eighties, sunny and a great day for worship.

Our setlist looked like this:


How Great is Our God (Tomlin/Reeves/Cash)

Main Set:

You Are Good/Friend of God (Houghton)(E)
Mighty to Save (Morgan)(A)
Rescue (Anderson)(D)


David Danced (Gandy)(Dm)

We were scheduled to have a drummer, but last minute things somethimes happen, and so we wound up without one.  I did "Rescue" acoustic...  never did it that way before but I really liked it.  Had a nice, intimate vibe to it.  All-in-all it turned out really well, even with some last-minute, on-the-fly arrangement changes.

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