Sunday Setlist - May 22

Here's the worship recap from Gospel Light Community Church for May 22.  

Opening Song:

Holy is the Lord (Giglio/Tomlin)(C)

Main Set:

Lift Him Up (Funk)(Bb)
Blessed Be Your Name (Redman)(C)
Higher/I Believe in You (Fields/Zschech)(C)
Hosanna/Healer (Fraser/Guglielmucci)(E)


Cover the Earth (Houghton/Houghton/Cruis-Ratcliff)(E)

How can you not love a song by a guy named Funk? Especially some old-school Hosanna! tune.  "Lift Him Up" is from the wayback file, and was a big hit today.  (I guess the congregation has a long memory)

We did a medley of "Hosanna" and "Healer" which came out awesome.  We started with the bridge of "Hosanna" very slow and simple.  Laura led today and did a great job.   From the " eternity" lyric w went right into the opening of "Healer," with it's simple, repeating root note.  A lot of dynamics in "Healer," and then tagged it with the chorus to "Hosanna."   It was really, really nice.

We also had an evening service with one of our church plants, Beacon of Light Church.  Here is the short set from that service:

Happy Day (Hughes/Cantelon)(C)
Chasing After You (Morton)(C)
Better is One Day (Redman)(E)
Moving Forward (Houghton/Sanchez)(E)

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