Un-Sunday Setlist - May 1

There is no setlist.

There was no preaching. No announcements.  No offering.

In fact, there was no service.

So what are we doing here?

There was no Sunday morning service at Gospel Light this week.  Instead, the congregation went out - all of them - and did some service for the community.

One of our women's cell groups did a Crop Walk for hunger alongside the Bridgeport Rescue Mission.  Another cleaned up our street.  Pastor Pedro led a street sweeping detail that cleaned several streets in the neighborhood.  Another men's group cleaned a local park.  Our youth helped an elderly lady clean out her attic.  And our KidzPort ministry provided low-cost clothing, shoes and toys to our neighborhood in a huge  2-day tag sale.

Those were some of the things we did, but there was more.  And all along the way, we talked to people, made friends, told people about GLCC, and let people know we were there. 

We did finally gather at 5pm (exhausted) and shared testimonies and stories about the day.  We did sing some songs, too, but that doesn't matter.  What matters is the feeling we have, the bonds we made in the neighborhood, our new friends.  That's what church is about.

KidzPort Tag Sale

I suppose some churches sang songs. We usually do.  You can read about them at The Worship Community.  


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