Sunday Setlist - June 5

This was a special weekend at Gospel Light, as we celebrated our 29th anniversary of service to our community.  We decided to incorporate some songs that were sung back in the early days of our fellowship.  We're happy that we have several families that have been around since those days, and they shared a bit as well.  But on to the setlist.

Opening Song:

All Because of Jesus (Fee)(C)

Main Set:

One God (Fitts)(G)
Jehovah-Jireh (Watson) (Em)
Give Him the Glory (Santiago)(D)
Wrap Me in Your Arms (Grothe/Gungor)(D)


God Almighty (Garber)(Dm-A)

Yeah, that's a song from the 70s you see in there,  Plus a Bob Fitts classic from the late 80s.  Of course, we freshened them up a bit with a new medley arrangement, working around the Em.   "Give Him the Glory" is a slower anthem that was written in the early 90s by Eliazar Santiago, our worship leader at the time.  Eli has moved on, but he remains in contact, and has left us with several songs.  "God Almighty" is a catchy little walkdown number (Dm-C-Bb-A7) that was written by Fred Garber, one of GLCC's first youth leaders.  Fred was a volunteer fireman, who was killed responding to a fire in 1990.  Anna shared a wonderful testimony about  him, and we reprised the song.

Check out other recaps at The Worship Community. This week marks one hundred-fifty consecutive weeks of sharing recaps over there.  Well done, guys!


  1. Wow - some classics there! Fun!

    Barry Westman


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