Whither Thou Bloggest?

According to the Ultimate Source of All Reliable Information on the Internet (otherwise known as Wikipedia), there are over 156 million blogs flying through the pipes of the interwebs.  Some are large mega-blogs (Huffington Post, anyone), some are guys with something to say to those who would  listen, and then there's this guy.  (Who I happen to like)

Some blogs give you  great advice, like ProBlogger.  Some point out our foibles,  like Failblog, and some just want to get you the info like TechCrunch.   Regardless, blogs have become the de facto method of information transfer ever since Justin Hall posted his first link in 1994.

I began this  blog in May 2008 with this post, which was  basically notes from a teaching I  gave at a  youth event.   But from that day, 590 posts later, I hope I've  had something to say.  At least, up until lately.  At one point, I was writing three blogs.  Slowly that dropped to two, and one has been dormant for awhile.  Here, about a year and a half ago I  dropped  from a post almost every day, to a couple a week, to one  a  week, to... you get the point.  Like so many of my blogger friends, I had simply stopped, in favor of 140-character soundbites.   Oh sure, I still posted my Sunday recaps, and the occasional movie review, but was I contributing to the conversation?   I think not.

So I'm gonna give it a go again.  I've been encouraged by my buddy Joel, who has not only revived his own personal blog, but has started another amazing conversation, and has (at least) one more in the  works.   Also by another buddy, Fernando, for whom blogging is so much more than simply jotting down thoughts; proving that excellence has its place in the blogsphere.

So let's try and keep the conversation going, shall we?  But it only really works if  you come along for the ride.


  1. I'm up for the venture!

  2. great post man.. I think we need like an online petition. lol

  3. Thanks for the shoutout!

    My feeling is that for anyone whose vocation involves writing, thinking, speaking, critiquing, evaluating, conversing or encouraging, it makes sense to keep blogging regardless of the trends.

    Twitter is great, but there are some things that need more space and time to be told properly

  4. Agreed.... and agreed!


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