Sunday Setlist - September 18

This weekend was our third annual children's revival.  We had an event all day on Saturday for the kids, and then Sunday's service was geared toward them as well.   One thing that we did last year that we repeated was to not use the platform, and move all the band stuff right into the middle of the room on the floor, with all the chairs arranged around it.

It has a very intimate, Storytellers kind of vibe to it that way.  Several church members indicated to me they actually liked the sanctuary this way more.

In keeping with the focus on kids, the setlist reflected the songs we used on Saturday, with the theme of God's Big House.  So that means....

Opening Song:

One Way (Houston)(B)

Main Set:

Every Move I Make (Ruis)(A)
Big House (Blair/Heardman/McGuinness/Stuart)(A)
Freedom (Bushard)(B)
How He Loves (McMillan)(C)


I Am A C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N (Haron)(G)

I know some of you are shaking your head, and some are going "Very cool!"   Yes, it's that "Big House," the Audio Adrenaline classic.  We were also going to do Israel Houghton's "Identity," but couldn't get comfortable with it in the time we had to rehearse.

"Every Move I Make" may just find itself a spot in the regular rotation, based on the response.  Great song, even with the "Nah nah's."  And we actually got a cheer when we started the offering song.  (Nothing wrong with having a little fun from time to time)

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