What I Read 2012

Annually I look at the blogs that I read regularly.  Now, I tend to read a lot on a semi-regular basis, but there are some that I think can be more than edifying to my readership at large.  During this look, I review what I have in my blogroll - called "What I Read" over there on the right - and cull out the dead wood, and add blogs that I've taken to reading.

Removing a blog from the list doesn't mean that I no longer find the author valuable... it mean that they have, for whatever reason, given up on their blog.  (I'm looking at you, Conner.)  More importantly, though, I've added stuff that I've found has been relevant to me over the past year.  This year's additions include:

Chris from Canada.  Chris Vacher is a worship director from a church near Toronto, and one of the catalysts behind the Worship Rises project, creating indigenous worship music for the church.  He's got great insights into so many things, I just love reading what he has to say.  He just finished a multi-post toolkit for worship leaders that rocks.  Plus, he's Canadian, so he's got that going for him.

Rich Kirkpatrick from California run the Worship Mythbusters podcast.  Worship leader, writer, pastor, musician, espresso addict... you name it, he's got it going on.  His daughter Emilie just released her first EP, and  Rich is beginning to work on one himself.

Married with 4 Kids.  OK, so I technically added this one a couple of months ago, but it wasn't on the list (or in existence) last January, so it counts.  Joel Klampert and his wife Kelly are two ordinary people trying to raise four (great) kids as best they can.  I know them, I know their kids, I love their stories.

Food Network Humor.  A man's gotta laugh, right?  My family will tell you that I am a Food Network junkie, and Jillian Madison has such an awesome way of looking at some of the ridiculous things that happen on that channel.  Sometimes the humor is a bit risque, but I love her recaps.


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