Sunday Setlist - July 12

This was a truly special and unique weekend at Gospel Light Community Church. This weekend found us changing senior pastors, and celebrating the planting of a new church.

Saturday afternoon we celebrated the commissioning of Pastor Miller as the new senior pastor of Good News Christian Church in the Bronx, New York. Pastor Jim has been the only pastor of GLCC, serving for 27 years, and now feels the call of God upon him to plant another church, just as he planted this one. We had a short commissioning service, followed by a dinner celebration. Our set for the service:

Again I Say Rejoice (Houghton/Lindsey)(E)
Your Grace is Enough (Maher)(G)
The Stand (Houston)(G)

We also performed a special song in honor of the Millers:

My Tribute Medley (Crouch/Tomlin/Reeves/Cash) (A)

This medley is the last track on Israel Houston's The Power of One album. The Millers love the old Andre Crouch songs, especially "My Tribute." This came out surprisingly good, considering we arranged it ourselves, and with musicians and singers coming in from all over the northeast, we had one ten-minute run through. A video of our effort is below. (Keep in mind it's a "camcorder mix.")

Our choir, Send Judah First, also got in on the action, singing He Is Exalted (Paris)(E) during the dinner celebration.

Sunday was the installation of Pastor Pedro as senior pastor at GLCC, and his wife Amy as Women's Pastor. For both services, we were joined by our own bishop, Henry Buckwalter, as well as Bishop Lawrence Chiles, who has been a friend of GLCC for many years, and delivered the Sunday message. Our setlist:

Rescue (Anderson)(D)

Main Setlist:

Friend of God (Houghton/Gungor)(E)
For Who You Are (Sampson)(B)
God of Wonders (Byrd/Hindalong)
Came to My Rescue (Davies/Sampson/Thomas

Because of the weekend celebration, we wound up having more singers and musicians than normal at the church. This allowed us to do two guitars - Daniel played acoustic while I stuck to electric. We hardly ever get to play with this setup, and it was great, especially for "For Who You Are" and "God of Wonders," where we really separated out the guitar parts.

Send Judah First also sang on Sunday, for the first time singing "Everybody Clap Your Hands" (Gray)(C#), a song by Joshua's Troop. We had many guests, visitors and former members in attendance for the weekend festivites, and it was a great time of fellowship and worship.

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  1. I do have to make one correction, it was actually our second time singing everybody clap you Hands lol, but great post and great vid


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