Album Review - Passion 2010: Awakening

Each year, 268 Generation puts on what's called the Passion Conference, aimed primarily at college students. A lot of todays most popular worship leaders got their first big exposure at Passion, artists like Tim Hughes, Jami Smith, Chris Tomlin and David Crowder.  

This year's album has just been released, and The Joint has posted it's review.  Let's take a peek...

KLAMPERT: It’s Passion. It’s amazing and BIG. The UNITED cut is cool, but it’s wicked long and I would have rather had two new UNITED songs. Crowder track is pretty cool as well. So it is worth a buy, but I can’t say I love this whole CD.
BYRD: It’s just hard to look past the talent coming out of the Passion camp and Awakening seems to have been bathed in the Holy Spirit at Passion 2010 and aired out to dry for us worship in our cars, at home, and at church! And with only 3 previously released tracks this is a feast! 
MAHONEY: A good worship album, especially if you like Chris Tomlin. 
VANCE: A good few of my favourite artists are on here! 

So, head on over to The Joint and read the full review.  


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