Random Thoughts on the Dove Award Nominations

Before we start, I am well aware of the fact that the Gospel Music Association awards,  known as the Dove Awards, are little different than the Grammys or Oscars - that is, they are an industry congratulating itself.  Dove nominations follow a similar path as Grammys.  I will keep all of that in mind as I parse the list of nominees and offer my off-the-cuff and invaluable thoughts.  It's not a criticism, I'm #justsayin

Where's Fee? 

There is a lot that is right with this year's list of nominees, and I think the Association got it mostly right.  But I'm always curious when I see Switchfoot on the list.  I like Switchfoot, don't get me wrong.  (Read my comments on Hello Hurricane)  But a Gospel music award.  Seriously, guys?

Did anyone see Fee? 

The big problem with the Doves (like the Grammys) is that it's all mainstream stuff, stuff the industry want to see rewarded.  So you won't see anything like Sojourn's ridiculously amazing album Over the Grave here.  But I don't understand not seeing Matt Redman's We Shall Not Be Shaken. Did the stamp fall off the letter or something?

Fee....    Fee....    Has anyone seen Steve Fee? 

Coolest name in Gospel music:   Smokie Norful.

I love the song "How He Loves" as much as the next guy, all 1,325 covers of it.  I love the Crowder version of it.  I love DC*B, period.   But the song is five years old!  I guess "unforeseen kiss" makes it new.

Did anyone in the GMA listen to Awake?

"Revelation Song" needs to win Song of the Year.  It's simple, it's elegant, it's got a great story to it, and off all the songs in the category, it's the one that's echoing through churches everywhere.

I hope Kari Jobe wins.

These guys are luck that Phil Wickham's Heaven and Earth missed the deadline.  See ya next year. Vicky Beeching is gonna be there, too.  Or should be.

It is a tragedy, bordering on a crime, that Fee's Hope Rising is nowhere on this list. I don't even get that. It was released three weeks before the cutoff, and clearly could be a contender for Praise & Worship Album of the Year. There's a couple of songs that are good enough to stand on their own as well, Notably "Glory to God Forever."

One very cool thing that's happening this year, is that fans get to vote for two categories: New Artist of the Year and Artist of the Year. So head on over here and vote!


  1. My favorite stuff right now isn't mainstream. It's out of churches or independants. Like https://www.noisetrade.com/ascendthehill or http://www.theworshipcommunity.com/review-united-pursuit-band-ep/


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