Sunday Setlist - March 7

Here's today's setlist from a busy day at Gospel Light Community Church.

First, we had a great morning service.  As much as I enjoyed last weekend's retreat, there's something missing whenever I'm not at my home church on a Sunday.  So it was good to be back.


Beautiful One (Hughes)(D)

Main Set:

One Way (Houston, Douglass)(B)
Open the Eyes of My Heart (Baloche)(E)
Your Grace is Enough (Maher)(G)
Once Again (Redman)(A)


Ancient of Days (Harville/Sadler)(D)

It was guitar and drums today in our new, stripped down lineup (although I'm working on a bass player) and things went very well.  Rehearsal was a tad rough, but the service sounded great, was upbeat, and was the kickoff of a beautiful day.

We haven't done "Beautiful One" in quite some time.  We do a Jeremy Camp-ish version of it.  I think the first time we did it was at a youth encounter, and it always reminds me of that.  "Ancient of Days" is such a great song, and one of the first ones I remember from Gospel Light.

We also had an afternoon baptism service.  We don't have a baptistery, so in the winter we use a nearby church.  We always do a few songs:

Again I Say Rejoice (Houghton)(E)
Cover the Earth (Houghton/Cruse-Ratcliff/Houghton)(D)
Rescue (Anderson)(D)

Right at the end of "Cover the Earth," I broke the E-string on my guitar, so I moved over to the keyboard for "Rescue."  Unfortunately, the unfamiliar board was locked into some weird sci-fi like voice.  It didn't sound terrible, but I would have preferred a piano sound.  We did get it straightened out for the post-baptism jam, though.

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  1. Why have you stripped down the lineup, Mike?

    As for Ancient Of Days, I always instinctively play it like a rock song, all stop and start and grittiness, but I'd love to try it in a funky 'Chic' style with disco guitar and Motown bass.

    Open the eyes I'd like to do in 2 halves, with the first section U2 stylee and then from 'To see you high and lifted up' hard rock, before dropping back down again.

    For a change I actually know every song in your first set.

  2. We've released four members to church plants over the last few months. Two in September, and two last month. That leaves us with guitar and drums right now, with a smattering of me on keys. (Trust me, that's all you want.) We're working on a bass player.

    We did AoD acoustic, but very upbeat, lots of stops, big in the bridge. Very un-Ron Kenoly-like. We had "Open..." in an upbeat slot as well, although we can do it either way. (I really like the Salvador version of it.)

  3. Good for you (church, collectively) releasing people and planting out.

    Re: acoustic, it's hard to do much more than ching-ka-ching-ka-ching or plinky plink most of the time, so if you can manage some variety that's good going. I guess in that situation I'd want to run it loud through the PA and compress the signal to within an inch of it's life to get the max sustain and fatness out of it, maybe adding some chorus and/or reverb. At least then you can play arpeggios with some fatness and harmony to them instead of getting just a short glassy spike with each note that's picked.

    I'd forgotten the Ron Kenoly aspect, but nuff said about that.


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