Sunday Setlist - July 11

Busy, but excellent day of praise, worship and Word at Gospel Light Community Church, as well as Lighthouse Fellowship Church.

Here's the setlist:


The Heart of Worship (Redman)(D)

Main Set:

All About You (Cruse/Ratcliff/Houghton)(E)
Blessed Be Your Name (Redman/Redman)(C)
Hosanna (Fraser)(E)
The Power of Your Love (Bullock)(G)


Happy Day (Cantelon/'Hughes)(C)

We had a full band today, including bass, which was awesome.  I had also changed string brands on my electric, mainly because someone gave me a couple of sets, and I like free stuff.  But huge difference in tone and sustain was the outcome.  (Guitar Research EGS-850s if you're wondering.)  We did a lot with dynamics and arrangements today with all the instruments.  I played electric on everything but the opening song, and was able to do a lot of accent stuff instead of carrying the rhythm, which I love.

I thought we played "Hosanna" as well as we've ever done it, but the real standout for us and for the congregation was "The Power of Your Love", which is an old Maranatha song.  First verse, just one vocalist, piano and base.  Some light arpeggios and some cymbals in the first chorus and second verse, then in full on the second chorus.  Then back to just piano.  It was a really nice arrangement.

We also led this morning at Lighthouse Fellowship Church.  The setlist there was Blessed Be Your Name, Heart of Worship, Power of Your Love.  Pastor Hector felt led to call us up after our set there, and have his congregation pray over us as a team while he anointed us.  It was really a powerful and touching moment.

So how was your Sunday?  Check others at The Worship Community.   And check out our album below!


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