Sunday Setlist - July 25

This is this week's setlist and Sunday recap from Lighthouse Fellowship Church and Gospel Light Community Church.  

Today was a great day.  We were a little short-handed, which meant that I was on drums today instead of guitar.  It's been a couple of months, and I'm a tad rusty, but all went fairly well for my part.  But the services both went really well from a worship standpoint.  Here are the lists.

We did a 9:30 worship service at LHFC:

Friend of God (Gungor/Houghton)(E)
To Worship You I Live (Houghton/Houghton)(E)
Healer (Guglielmucci)(A)

Then onto our main service at GLCC:


He Is Exalted (Paris)(E)

Main Set:

Friend of God (Gungor/Houghton)(E)
O Praise Him (All This for a King)(Crowder)(A)
Healer (Guglielmucci)(A)
All Who Are Thirsty (Brown/Robertson)(A)
He Is Exalted (Paris)(E)


David Danced (Gandy)(Dm)

For the early set, we did a medley with "Friend of God" and "To Worship You I Live," which makes all the sense in the world.  For the GLCC set, we did it with "O Praise Him," which was a little more challenging.  We had to change the key of the Crowder tune down from the Bb we usually do it in.

The set at LHFC was especially powerful this morning, I thought.  We'll be there again next week, as they have a special event going on, and they asked us to come.

How was your service this week?  Check some others at The Worship Community.


  1. We just introduced "To Worship You I Live" this past month. Always loved the song!

  2. Sounds like a full and fantastic morning!


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