Sunday Setlist - August 1

Here's the Sunday recap from this week at Gospel Light Community Church, as well as Lighthouse Fellowship Church.  We had a busy week, and Sunday was no different, but it was a good day of worship and word.   For the first time in a while the temperature was sub-90, which made it an absolutely gorgeous New England summer day.

Here's the list from GLCC:


Better is One Day/I Can Only Imagine (Redman/Millard)(E)

Main Set:

All About You (Cruse/Ratcliff/Houghton)(E)
History Maker (Smith)(G)
We Cry Out (Johnson)(C)
Once Again (Redman)(D)


Let it Rise (Davis)(E)

We did a medley with "Better is One Day" and "I Can Only Imagine" that worked out nice, from the chorus of one to the other.  It made a really nice worship moment for a walk-in song.  And "Let it Rise..."   We love busting out those old Holland Davis tunes.  Daniel had the keyboard on a Hammond voice, and it sounded really 'church-y" and classic.  Awesome.

At LHFC we did

Let it Rise (Davis)(E)
Better is One Day (Redman)(E)
Once Again (Redman)(D)

Lighthouse was wrapping up their first-ever VBS week, and so this was a special celebration for them, and we were glad to be a part of it.

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