Sunday Setlist - August 15 (Father and Son Edition)

This was an interesting and not-so-ordinary weekend for us, being the time of our annual Father and Son Campout.  Since I was there, and not at GLCC, the campout is what I will write about today.

We hold this event in a great Christian campground and retreat center in upstate New York.  We have access to a large pavilion, which is where we set up the stage and have our services.  We have a service Friday night, worship time on Saturday afternoon, a service on Saturday night, and our Sunday service on Sunday morning.

We didn't bring any keyboards with us, so it was guitars and drums for the weekend.  Playing outdoors in front of all men and boys gave us the opportunity to get pretty loud, which is exactly what we did.  Here's the setlist (in no particular order)

Freedom (Bushard)(B)
Again I Say Rejoice (Houghton/Lindsey)(E)
Better is One Day (Redman)(E)
Rescue (Anderson)(D)
You Are Good (Houghton)(E)
Trading My Sorrows (Evans)(G)
God of Wonders (Byrd/Hindalong)(G)
One Way (Houston)(B)
Shout to the Lord (Zschech)(A)

I say no particular order because we used some of these songs more than once, and shuffled them around quite a bit.  It was clear that "Freedom" was the hit of the weekend, as can be seen in the video clip below.  We ran with an acoustic guitar, two electrics and drums.  We want to thank Elyano and Marcus from New Life Metro for coming and helping out, as well as our old friend Justin from GNCC for singing with us.

Below is a short clip of some of the worship.  It was taken with a camcorder, so the sound isn't great, but you can definitely get the feel of what we were doing.

Check out some other (less exciting) re caps on The Worship Community! 


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