Sunday Setlist - March 13 (the Trifecta)

Yes, you read that right...   I hit the trifecta today, helping to lead in three different churches!  And I loved it!

We began with our twice-monthly visit to Lighthouse Fellowship Church.  It was just acoustic guitar and vocals today there.  I love the simplicity of those kind of sets.

At my home church, Gospel Light Community Church, the set looked like this:


Our God (Myrin/Redman/Reeves/Tomlin)(B)

Main Set:

Tell the World (Douglass/Houston/Sampson)(A)
One Way (Douglass/Houston)(A)
From the Inside Out (Houston)(C)
Revelation Song (Riddle)(D)


All Because of Jesus (Fee)(C)

Following the service at GLCC, it was time to head to the Bronx, NY to visit (and play at!) Good News Christian Church. 

Let it Rain (Farren)(Bb)
Finding Who We Are (Shamberger)(G)
Anthem (Lasit)(E)
Rescue (Anderson)(D)

Makes for a long day, but well worth it! (and it happens again in a couple of weeks!)

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  1. Say Mike - how are you coping with leading 2 or 3 times a week? I was OK for many years playing every week and leading occasionally (and more recently leading many Sundays) but 2/3 times on the same day sounds quite a lot.

  2. It was an unusual circumstance. We do 2 churches (in the same city) twice a month, but they are only about 8 minutes apart.

    Travelling to New York is challenging, but worth it. I love supporting the church plants. I'll be doing it again next week... and preaching at GLCC!


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