DVD Review - Brian Doerksen: Level Ground

Ok, to be honest, when Integrity sent me the Level Ground set a few months ago, I was kind of like, "Oh, hey.  Brian Doerksen. Um, yeah. That's mighty Vineyard."  I mean, who doesn't love "Come, Now is the Time to Worship" and all, but I'm more of a four-on-the-floor and electric guitars kind of guy.

But, being the dutiful music reviewer that I am, I ripped the CD to my mp3 player and gave 'er a listen.  I heard some good stuff, nice worship songs, skillful production and all that.  But, it really wasn't my cup of tea.  All that changed when I popped the DVD in. 

This joint is brilliant, in execution, but especially in concept.  At the beginning, you're in a car with Brian as he drives up to some small garage or workshop in the wood somewhere, presumably western Canada.  There are some scenes of guys working inside the building, and then the fun starts.

What's going on seems to be a small worship service.  The room fills with 40-50 people.  There is a stage.  There are instruments.  But here is the thing: the band isn't on the stage.  They are down on the floor with the crowd.  And they are facing the same way. 

Imagine being in a church, and the worship band came down and joined the congregation.  They just happened to have instruments.  But everyone was all doing the same thing, worshiping God from - wait for it - level ground.  We did something similar last year, but I'd love to do this.

But wait, there's more.  Around the room there are different things going on.  There are artists painting a large canvas in one corner.  There are flags.  Yes, worship flags!  What? Awesome!  Interspersed with the songs, Brian goes on stage and interviews various band members and artists about their faith, relationships, pasts - all kinds of things.  Admittedly, Brian is not the most skilled interviewer in the world, but some of the responses were so genuine and compelling I couldn't stop watching.

All of this serves to give me new appreciation for the songs on the album.  Now, when I listen, my mind's eye sees the room, the crowd, the paintings, even the flags.   This is, turns out, good stuff indeed.


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