The Joint Review: Todd Agnew - Need

I wasn't really sure about this one. I had never heard Todd Agnew before, so I had no idea what to expect. Sounds like a perfect job for THE JOINT!


This is simple. If you like Todd then you will like this CD. If you don’t like Todd then you still might like this CD. I really think Todd is coming into a great fit style wise and maybe should start doing some revival stadium meetings with Carman. That last line isn’t a joke. I really think that rock style fits his voice best. I think if Todd keeps doing this style he may build a brand new audience.


I guess Todd Agnew fans will like this. There are some catchy songs here. I think if Todd had a better choir and the vocals were slighty back farther in the mix this would be a great album. I bet some of the songs are great live.


There is two or three tracks on here that for me stand out above the rest. By the very nature of these songs and the stories they tell, some will mean more to people than others.

What is the really skinny on Todd's new album? How do these songs fit into a church setting? Check out The Joint Review and find out!


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