Sunday Setlists - September 6 and 7

I wasn't at Sunday's service this week, as we were driving to Rhode Island to take our oldest daughter to college. We did have a service on Monday, though, and I was able to participate in that. More on that later. First, Sunday's list:


Because He Lives (Gaither/Gaither) (G)

Main Set:

How Great is Our God (Tomlin/Reeves/Cash)(C)
He is Exalted (Paris)(E)
Finding Who We Are (Sampson)(B)
Blessed Be Your Name (Redman/Redman)(C)
The Heart of Worship (Redman)(G)

On Monday, we held our twice-a-year Outreach in the Park at Seaside Park here in Bridgeport. At these events, we do a church picnic, a short worship service, an evangelistic preaching and a baptism, right in the middle of one of the biggest and busiest beaches in the county.

We've been plagued with power issues since we started doing this. Last year, though, the Parks Department allowed us to plug right into their building, which solved some of it. We still found that having both the piano and guitar was clipping the portable PA, but solved that by using my small Behringer mixer to pre-mix the instruments, then running that as a single input into the portable.

While waiting to go, I was just noodling around on a park bench, playing "How He Loves." I though no one was listening to me, but then Justin started singing, and we had a little improptu jam thing going. Sweet.

Our set was short:

We Cry Out (Johnson)(D#m)
God of Wonders (Byrd/Hindalong)(G)


Revelation Song (Riddle)(D)
Agnes Dei (Smith)(G)

and our choir, Send Judah First:

Come Thou Almighty King (Wright)
We're Blessed (Hammond)

We had four baptisms in Long Island Sound. It's great walking down the beach and doing the baptisms in full sight of everyone. We also had several people come up and accept Christ as part of the invitation by Evangelist Hector Muniz. All in all, a great weekend.

How was your Memorial Day weekend. Check other services at Fred McKinnon's blog.


  1. this is Jen, they actually really changed the setlist for Sunday and dropped one of the songs
    It went like this
    Opening-- Because He Lives
    Cover the Earth,
    Blessed be Your Name
    Finding Who we Are
    HE is Exalted
    Heart of Worship
    Magnify the Lord with Me
    Awesome God (kirk franklin style)


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