In the Studio - Take 15

Things are continuing to march forward at great clip as we record our worship album. We had our third session of "version 2" last night. Just Danny, Elyano and I. Our goal was to get some drum and bass done, and get closer to "finishing out" some music recording.

We spent a little time setting up and getting things ready. We were all set to go when Danny arrived. The first thing we recorded was "From the Inside Out." I had tracked a preliminary acoustic track to it, but it turned out to be easier to just start from scratch. There a quite a few different sections to that song, so it turned out better that way.

Once that was done, we moved onto "Tell the World." This was a pretty easy track to record, and same as last time, we just did it live, all three of us, all the way through. A couple of takes and we had something we were happy with. I might still retrack guitar on it, but that one is well on it's way to being done.

Next up was "Mighty to Save." We had a good, tight acoustic track to it already, so it was just a matter of putting drums and bass over that. First thing we did was adjust the tempo a bit. I had recorded it a little slower than we wanted, but Pro Tools was able to handle the job easily enough. Adding 5bpm did the trick. Elyano did a great job on the drums. The song sound really great. We had to clean up and re-do one little part, but basically he and Danny flew through that one.

We ended the night working on "Say So." We got one take done, but decided it needed some things changed up. It was about halfway through when we ended the session for the night. Still, we were all pretty happy with the amount of work we got accomplished in one session.

Next week, we'll finish up "Say So." Chris is planned to be playing drums for the remaining four songs, so we'll have him there as well. Hopefully next week, we can finish up all the bass and drum parts, and most of the guitar. After that, we should have one, maybe two sessions to finish up and then hand things over to the vocalists by the end of September.

If you use Facebook, consider joining Gospel Light Worship's page there. We'll be posting some clips in the upcoming weeks.

I couldn't resist... this morning I pulled the session files into Audacity to give it a listen. (this is a dangerous thing, I know, because I hear everything!) I was listening to Mighty to Save especially - it sounds a lot better than the first time around!


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