The Joint Review: Introducing Brenton Brown

The other day I mentioned this album. I've been listening to it for a while, and it's been in pretty heavy rotation on my mp3 player. (When I can stop listening to Fee's incredible new album)

Who's Brenton Brown? You may have heard of him, but you've probably heard his songs. Who wrote "Everlasting God?" Lincoln Brewster? NO! Chris Tomlin? NO! Thank you for playing!

Here's some of what The Joint says:


Bottom line doesn’t get more simple than this If you love Brenton you need this CD because there are two songs on it you don’t have. If you didn’t realize Brenton wrote all those songs you love you need this CD as well because his versions, to me, are brilliant!


Brown’s take on his own classics serves a reminder of why churches should be doing these songs. It’s great to see such a talented artist ”take back” his own songs.


Whether it’s the uncanny nature of how the new single Adoration makes you singalong on the first listen or the rebooted classics that’s one of my favorite of all time: All Who Are Thirsty, there really is some substance in this little EP.


A greatest hits album from Brenton Brown. If you haven’t used these songs before in church this would be a great album to buy.

So check out the full Joint Review, and check out Introducing Brenton Brown.


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