In the Studio - Take 16

Things are rolling along so well I can barely contain myself. We're actually ahead of where we wanted to be, and things just keep going.

Last night was another session with Danny, Elyano and myself. First thing to do was to finish doing "Say So." We had tracked a couple of takes last week, but weren't all that happy with them, especially the bassline. Fortunately, "Say So" is one of the few songs from the original sessions that I had saved as an audio file. So Danny was able to listen to the last recording and duplicate his great bassline.

The end result was a seriously nasty version of "Say So." It should mellow out a bit when keys are added, but it still rocks pretty good.

That done, it was time to move onto something else, and that something else was "You Said." This went down really well, also (once Danny figured out where that "C" went), and we're really happy with the results. There's a little acoustic intro to it, then everything kicks in and it really has a nice feel to it. I recorded the intro standing a little farther away from the mic than the rest of the song, so it's got kind of a far-away, coming-over-the-horizon feel to it, and makes for (I think) a nice dynamic. (I just gotta remember to take my watch off before recording acoustic!!)

Next week we will (hopefully) wrap up the basics of the last three songs, and then be able to record keys and some overdubs. So we are still on track to hand it over to the vocalists by the beginning of October, which would be sweet.

Check out the album's Facebook page, (you may just hear a clip or two soon) and stay tuned for more updates.


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