The Joint Review: Daniel Kirkley - As Tommorrow Comes

The Joint Review has released another review, this time Daniel Kirkley's EP As Tommorrow Comes. Here's some of what we had to say...

Joel: There are very few songs on this and while there is little variation we more than get to see the amazing vocal ability of Daniel. We also get to see real emotion in these songs. I have to say for me this CD was refreshing from all of the “wall of sound” stuff out there. The “Lead me to the cross” cover is 100% worth the admission.

Conner: Here’s the deal: I’ve had 1 year of actual “lessons” on an instrument and it was the piano. I then ditched it to learn the guitar. I’ve had 6 years of choir and formal singing training and ditched it to be in a band in college. By all accounts I should HATE this CD b/c it’s summarizes most of what I care little about That being said, my goodness it’s beautiful! No doubt about it!

Mike: Great voice, good piano, not a lot of variation. Perfect for quiet, contemplative moments.

Al: A nice gentle EP that will direct your thoughts and worship to God. Daniel’s voice is great. Some variation in the arrangements might have kept the songs fresher for longer. If you like Fernando Ortega, you’ll like what Daniel Kirkley has to offer.

Read the whole review here, including recommendations for use in churches!


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