Book Review - The Jesus Book

One cool thing about being a children's pastor is I get to check out all the cool stuff for kids, and call it "work" or "ministry." (C'mon, who doesn't like Hillsong Kids videos?)

The Jesus Book (Thomas Nelson)m written by Steven Elkins, tries to break down some of the basic teachings of Christ in a manner that is approachable and understandable for young children. It largely hits the mark in this regard; the book is a collection of many topics, all broken down into several sections: Who Jesus Is, What Jesus Did, What Jesus Taught, When It Happened, Where It Happened, Why It Happened, and How It Happened.

The stories all are tied into specific Scripture verses, and are beautifully illustrated. There is also a companion CD of songs that relate the the specific lessons. The story lengths are just right for small children, say 4-7. This book would be a great resource for a personal child's library, or even a Sunday school library. It is appropriate for smaller children who can spend ten minutes listening to a story, or slightly older children unfamilar with bible teachings.

Check out The Jesus Book at Amazon.


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