Sunday Setlist - September 20 (Kidz Revival)

Imagine if you will, you walk into your church on a Sunday morning, the same way you do just about every Sunday of every year. So far so good, right?

But right away, you notice something different. For one, you are greeted by a crudely lettered sign just inside the door that says "Caushun: Kidz worshippin' here. Grown-ups welkome!"


Then you look at the sanctuary. The word hardly applies. Instead of your normal, conservate altar/stage, you see a multicolored wall complete with lights, gizmos, doodads and a huge screen.

What's going on?

What's going on is Gospel Light's first annual Kidz Revival Weekend, that's what. After a whole day of kid fun and worship on Saturday, we turned the whole service over to the kids on Sunday, to be led by the Studio-Z children's team from Zion Bible College.

Imagine further that your normally somwhat conservative congregation was now doing "The Robot" during "One Way." Or that they were pretending to fly around the room during "Jesus You're My Superhero." (Yes, adults, too!!) Or that the senior pastor was scrambling to build a tower out of cardboard boxes to complete a scripture verse in time. (Only to discover someone had hidden on of the boxes on him!)

We had puppets and chemistry demonstrations from whacky scientists and skits and lots of dancing and rolling on the floor. We had youth pretending to be pigs and kids having fun for a change... Awesome stuff.

I'll get up some video this week, because this has got to be seen to be believed, but this Sunday, everyone saw Jesus "as a little child."

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  1. That is COOL! Looking fwd to the video :)


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