Sunday Setlist - March 20

Well, they can't all be great.  At least that's the thought I had stepping off the platform.   But I digress...

I was riding a pretty good "Holy Spirit high" coming into the weekend.  I had spent the past few days at the Forge Retreat in New Hampshire, and was blessed to participate in some epic worship with my good buddy Joel Klampert, as well as Mike Kim and Bill Kunkel.  It was acoustic, it was rhythmic, it was real, and it was as authentic as it gets.

Fast forward to Sunday.  Here's the set:


Give Us Clean Hands (Hall)(G)

Main Set:

Say So (Houghton/Gungor)(E)
Hosanna (Fraser)(E)
Mighty to Save (Morgan/Fielding)(A)
The Stand (Houston)(A)


Saved by Grace (Houghton/Lindsey/Johnson)(Bb)

OK, honestly, it wasn't that bad.  We seemed to have some monitor mix issues that made the whole thing sound terrible to me, which I found distracting.  We used two guitars on Hosanna and Mighty to Save.  Normally, I like my acoustic on a fairly hot channel, with the volume on the guitar pre-amp low to mid.  Daniel was playing my acoustic and had the volume up high, and it was killing me in my in-ears.  That's as far as it went, apparently, as Izzy had it mixed right in FOH, and I heard several comments that the two guitars sounded cool.   So, in the end, the worship was good, I was just distracted.  Which is better than the reverse, I suppose.

We've been working on some cool ideas for Easter week, especially Good Friday.  But that's all I'm saying...

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