Micro Music Reviews - Bashta, Springer, Kirkpatrick

I haven't done any music reviews in a while, and I'm pretty backed up with music to write about, so here are a couple of "micro" reviews for your pleasure. Since time is limited, I'll only give you good ones.

The Sounds of Daniel Bashta - Daniel Bashta

This album is really, really unique. Daniel is one of those worship leaders who is creating a new sound - a new template, if you will - for corporate worship. Forget the easily memorable, comfortable, catchy tunes we all know resound every Sunday from churches everywhere. Think more John Mark MacMillan meets Jason Upton. Crazy rhythms, non-standard song structure, and prophetic, deeply thoughful lyrics. As much as I love me some Crowder band, forget thier cover of "Like a Lion" and listen to this version. It'll gut you, and then make you want to stand up in defiance of anyone who says Jesus is not Lord.

The Playlist - Rita Springer

Rita Springer is one of those worship leaders who's kind of been out there on the edge of our awareness... everyone has kind of heard the name, a lot of people know who she is, there's some "What did she do again?" This album should change that.

The first track - "Come In." It makes you want to. A vibrant call to worship that paves the way to the rest of the album. There are some beautiful vocals in here. Rita has always been authentic, but this album takes it to a new level.

My Oh My - Emilie Kirkpatrick

One pleasue of being plugged into the online worship community is getting some insight into cutting-edge stuff. This is some of that. Emilie is a vibrant teenager with an old soul. Produced by Ramy Antoun, this EP is rich and deep. I've seen Emilie sing solo with just an acoustic. You can't stop listening to her. This album takes that to the nth degree. The addition of horns, drums, electric and synths to what are essentially simple, heartfelt tunes makes this an EP worth having. You cannot spend 3 bucks any better way. You will play the title track over and over again, I gar-un-tee!


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