Sunday Setlist - October 2

We had an intersting service this past Sunday. Pastor Pedro, Daniel, Aquim and myself were fresh off ForgeCon11, a four-day worship/leadership conference for small churches. Each of us was deeply affected by the conference, and it showed throughout the service, if you knew where to look.

Daniel and Aquim had taken a class by Dan Wilt on arranging a band, which had deep concentration on rehearsals and how to run them. (I had sat in on much of that class as well) From the beginning of rehearsal, Daniel was taking cues from what he had learned in the class, running us through the set like a pro. We focused a lot of time on dynamics and arrangement for this rehearsal, re-working a couple of songs that we had done before. After rehearsal, Daniel, Aquim and I had breakfast together and debriefed the conference, especially as it related to our team. We had a great, productive conversation, and set some goals and laid out some plans.

Here's the set:

Opening Song:

Greatly to Be Praised (Kim)(A)

Main Set:

Glory to God Forever (Beeching/Fee)(C)
Our God (Myrin/Redman/Reeves/Tomlin ) (B)
God of This City (Bleakly/Boyd/COnfort/Jordan/Kernaghan/McCann) (B)


Give to the Lord (Mills)(G)
Again I Say Rejoice (Houghton/Lindsey)(E)

We really worked hard on the "Our God/God of This City" piece, which was almost a medley, really. We worked on a lot of dynamics, planning out low points and high points, and really trying to strip back the songs. I do think it all worked out pretty well. We also had "Agnus Dei" on the plan, but Daniel felt led to call up people from all parts of the city and pray for their neighborhoods as we played under it. It was really powerful and moving.

It was also a Communion day. We were having a baptism service in the evening, so we had the seven recipiants come up and give testimony, then Pastor Pedro served them Communion before the rest of the congregation. The baptism service itself was another moving and powerful time.

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