Why It's Not OK

This time of year, the same thing happens in churches everywhere.  There's always discussions and debates about the "H" word - Halloween.

I could wax on an on about the scriptural basis for the avoidance of Halloween and trick-or-treating.  I could talk about Old Testament things like not consorting with familiar spirits.  I can come up with New Testament things about not being conformed to the patterns of this world.  I could write an essay on the pagan roots of Halloween and how close the "celebration" of it today is to it's origins.

But that's not the real issue.  The real issue is two-part: the fact we don't like giving things up, and the things we teach our children.

People want things to just "be okay."  They like to try and fit the truth into their own world-view.  This is not confined to Halloween.  I've been in an online discussion this week with a friend of mine in California on the issue of abortion as it relates to the current presidential campaign.  Now, I deeply respect Roy and his opinions, but it seems the bulk of his argument is that he does not want to define the beginning of life as the moment of conception, because  "If at that point we have a human being, we have a number of issues to face." 

That can't be the beginning point of the argument.  That has to be the end, once we've discovered the truth.  Only then can we deal with the "issues" that we face.  But this is a common thought process.  Many Christians struggle with being set apart because of the "issues" they will have to face as a result.  Alcohol, violent video games, vampire movies, tattoos, music, holidays.... right down to salvation it self - everything is negotiable it seems.  For the record, I am not taking a position on those issues here, I am simply pointing out these are some of he issues that are murkey, even when they shouldn't be.  Christians run to scriptures like 1 Cor 10:23, but they seem to only see the "All things are permissible" part, and not the whole thing.

"All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful; all things are lawful for me, but not all things edify." (NKJV)

See the balance there?

More importantly, what are we teaching our children?  To compromise their values? To make excuses? To find a loophole for what is right?  Or to stand their ground?  To be confidant in Christ?  To trust the voice of the Holy Spirit?

Every year,  at least one child comes to me and tells me they don't feel good about going to a Halloween party or going trick-or-treating, but their parent or parents are compelling them to do it. This year was no exception.  What are we doing to our kids?

My advice is to pray deeply on this issue, and see what God is telling you.  You might be surprised.


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