Album Review: Cory Asbury - Let Me See Your Eyes

The Joint has released a review of Cory Asbury's new album, Let Me See Your Eyes. Let's see what they say:

KLAMPERT: An amazing CD that pushes the boundaries of worship these days. I love what he did with this CD. A few songs lyrically I was not a fan of because they were reminiscent of old Vineyard “kiss me jesus, marry jesus” kinda songs. Other than that I can’t get enough of this CD  
MAHONEY: A  decent collection of tunes.  Some very good songs, but for an “album” it plays like an mp3 player on “shuffle.” 
VANCE: Cory is a one talented fella, but this album is not for me! 

Read the whole review, including what might and might not work in your church, at The Joint Review.


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